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Turning Cold Outreach Into a Warm Relationship
Turning Cold Outreach Into a Warm Relationship

יום ד׳, 30 במרץ


Online Workshop

Turning Cold Outreach Into a Warm Relationship

How to write a cold email? How far could a cold outreach go? And why should you start writing it today?

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זמן ומיקום

30 במרץ 2022, 11:00 – 13:00

Online Workshop

פרטי האירוע

Your ideal customer is in a  foreign and remote country and you have no one in common (not even a 3rd  degree connection). Still, there is a way to connect the two of you and  build a relationship.

In this workshop you will learn the importance and power of this  approach, the essentials of cold emails and how to best utilize them for  your business.

The workshop includes:

● What's blocking you and how to deconstruct it

● In a perfect world we would write perfect emails: what should we do in real life

● Where to find gold to break the ice with

● The hardest part is the start: how to open a cold email

● Effective ways of ending a cold email

● Discussion, hands on practice and Q&A *

The benefits for the workshops' participants:

You will learn how to approach cold emails fearlessly and methodologically.

The workshop will equip you with easy to implement practices and tools that will assist you in your work.

The workshop is ideal for:

CEOs, Founders, business development, sales, and marketing managers,  seniors and juniors, BDRs, SDRs, and all those who want to connect with  “strangers” and turn them into their network.

Hundreds of participates to date; What do they say?

"No question that the tools you gave us would work 'by the book', it's  not 'spray and pray' and it already worked! I got an email back within  12 hours!" Chen

"The workshop was very interesting and enriching, I definitely took some tips and tools for my everyday work" Shahar

"The workshop is great! Highly focused and practical" Ofer

"The workshop was interesting and opened my mind" Judah

Who am I:

Nice to meet you! I'm Tovit Neizer, a business development specialist  who mixes content creation, marketing and business development for the  past 15 years.

Following 2  startups I have founded, I served as a VP business development and  marketing at a 3D printing startup (acquired in early 2021). Today, I  own Yellow Bricks consultancy boutique that offers strategic work and business mentoring.

Send me examples of emails that did not work for you as well as cold  outreach challenges, and I will go over them in advance and analyze them  in the workshop.

For information on the upcoming workshops go to this link


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