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How content, branding and storytelling could assist your bizdev efforts;
tricks and tips from real case studies that you can adopt
Write a cold email the way Hemingway would have;
Opening lines, farewells and where to find those gems to break the ice
Think like a journalist and get people to open up and talk.
The tools to prepare for an important meeting and master it

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What People Say:

"Tovit, I want to say a big thanks.

You managed this project in a very professional way.

The fact that it took you so little time to understand our story contributes to a quick and easy process, with a great final result.

Your storytelling skills added greatly to the success of the project" Irie Meltzer, OrCam

"No question that the tools you gave us would work by the book, it's not spray and pray but being focused. And it already helped - I sent a message and already got a response" Chen Sagiv,

"I have to praise the way you delivered the workshop, your professionalism and extensive experience. The presentation was crystal clear and well structured, and the hands on exercises enabled us to practice the material that was taught. I will happily recommend it to my colleagues" Tal Afek, ScanMaster Systems

"I really enjoyed your webinar earlier this week. Already put some of your lean conversion tips to practice with promising initial results" Almog Aley-Raz, CorNeat Vision

"I would like to really thank you for all the knowledge that you brought. It was all useful and relevant. It's relevant for everyone, especially for the people in the startup area, they definitely need to reach out to a lot of people that they don't know and need this kind of building trust and credibility" Dr. Ludmilla Derr, Elite Experts Conferences

"The webinar was extremely useful – thank you so much for your insights and for analyzing and even correcting our previous approach(es). It is interesting that even experienced entrepreneur needs a lot of structure and consulting" Mihovil Santic, Wise-t

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