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No one knows your
business better than you.

But writing cold emails is a struggle, and acing business meetings is tough.

Acquire the essential tools to transform your cold emails into meetings and elevate your meetings into a warm business relationship.

Yellow Bricks is a consultancy boutique assisting startups, companies and business owners to fulfill their business potential through hands-on workshops and business mentoring.


Practical Workshops
that will give you the tools you need

Whether you are a junior looking for guidance or a veteran who wishes to brush off some dust and learn new practices,
choose the right topic for you:
from turning cold outreach into a warm relationship
to acing your business meetings.

The workshops are delivered online or at the company's premises and are tailored for your day to day challenges.

practical workshops

The things people say after the workshops

BizDev talk at womeinbiz2_edited.png
BizDev talk at womeinbiz2_edited.png

Almog Aley-Raz
CorNeat Vision

I really enjoyed your webinar earlier this week. Already put some of your lean conversion tips to practice with promising initial results

google talk lead with_edited.png

Tal Afek,  
ScanMaster Systems

I have to praise the way you delivered the workshop, your professionalism and extensive experience. The presentation was crystal clear and well structured, and the hands on exercises enabled us to practice the material that was taught.
I will happily recommend it to my colleagues


Chen Sagiv,

No question that the tools you gave us would work by the book,
it's not spray and pray but being focused.
And it already helped - I sent a message and already got a response

About Tovit
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Behind the yellow bricks

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Over the past 15 years, Tovit Neizer has been mixing content creation, marketing and business development in order to bring  meaningful value to  companies.
Read how she did it.

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